Maintenance Tips & Care

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How to Maintain and Store Your Water Bottles

Mountain Springs is committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and service. Reasonable care and maintenance is required when handling the five-gallon, re-useable plastic bottles.

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  1. Maintenance Tips

    • Always Store the Bottles in an Area Away from the Elements & Possible Contact with Other Objects
    • Protect from Freezing, a Frozen Bottle Will Cause It to Expand & Crack Rendering the Bottle Useless
    • Always Store the Bottles in a Safe Area
    • Always Check the Bottle before You Place It on a Cooler
    • A Rough-Handled or Dropped Bottle Will Cause a Hairline Crack, Which Will Not Be Noticed until It Is Placed on a Cooler
    • Please Be Aware That Mountain Springs Is Not Responsible for Any Damage That Might Be Caused by Placement of Coolers or Water Bottles on a Surface That Can Be Damaged by Water
    • Please Check Your Bottles upon Delivery to Make Sure All Bottles Are in Good Condition — Bottle Failure Must Be Reported within 24 Hours of Delivery
  2. Things to Remember

    Remember, rough handling and improper storage can cause bottle failure! Please do not remove the cap, this helps insure the bottle remains in good condition. Bottle deposits will apply. Thank you and stay hydrated!

  3. Caring for Your Water Dispenser

    Caring for your water dispenser properly is essential. Whether you rent or own your water dispenser, there are a few simple actions you should regularly undertake:

    • Every Bottle Change — Wipe out the waterguard with a clean cloth or towel. Keeping this clean ensures the outside contaminants will not enter your water cooler.
    • Weekly Upkeep — Wipe the outside of the unit down with a clean cloth. Wipe the outside of the spigots and remove drip tray for cleaning. Store your water in a cool, dry place, away from harmful chemicals.

    Doing these simple tasks will ensure your bottled water is fresh and great tasting. Try our maintenance tips to maintain a fresh supply of water.